Immigration Adviser CRM

Ease of use

A CRM that is cost-effective and provides you with immigration advice based workflow and basic features you need as an Immigration Adviser.

Customer Focused

The system provides you with easy access to client information, file notes and documents. Manage your clients from initial consultation to outcome with ease using inbuilt stages and less burden on your expenses.

Cost Effective

A part of your business that is the right fit, not with a lot of features and not without the most important features and workflow to manage your cases effectively with your clients.


  • Leads - Get leads directly from your web enquiry form on the CRM
  • Manage Pipeline - Easily filter the leads you should consider as potentials
  • Clients - Initial consultation to return of documents, manage your client efficiently
  • File Notes - Maintain file notes with multiple comms channel to keep a track
  • Documents - Maintain your own drive or store documents in our system
  • Invoices - Create and manage invoices as per the agreement terms with the client.




  • Easy to use interface
  • Hosted on a secure cloud-based platform
  • Track and manage leads from different sources
  • Identify and manage potential clients
  • Add and update clients through immigration lifecycle
  • Manage pipeline with ease
  • Easy to update file notes and documents through stages
  • Create and manage invoices.
  • Customization and integration available upon evaluation
  • Create your own content to keep your staff and customers engaged
  • Technical support available


  • 60 Dollars per month per adviser.
  • 10 Dollars additional per month for each adviser.
  • We can migrate existing data by working with you and discuss the efforts.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Secure Platform with support
  • Customization and additional services as and when needed as per mutual agreement.