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Starfield Selling Guide: Navigating the Galaxy’s Best Markets for Trading

Introduction: Welcome to your comprehensive Starfield selling guide where we navigate the galaxy’s best markets for trading and commerce in Bethesda’s Starfield. This guide is designed to help players maximize their profits and master the art of selling in the expansive universe of Starfield

The Economy of Starfield In Starfield, every item you gather has potential value. From rare artifacts discovered on uncharted planets to standard gear and resources, the game’s economy thrives on trade. Learning the nuances of this economy is key to maximizing your profits.

Prime Trading Locations in Starfield Starfield’s universe is teeming with unique vendors, each offering different prices for your goods. Here’s a breakdown of the top locations for selling your items:

  • New Atlantis: The bustling metropolis of New Atlantis, located in Jemison, is a trader’s paradise. Key vendors include Jemison Mercantile and Apex Electronics, known for their fair prices and diverse needs.
  • The Key: This space station is a haven for traders, with The Depot market being a notable spot. Look out for TK’s Tactics Gear and Zuri’s Essentials for profitable deals.
  • Neon: The vibrant city of Neon in the Volii system is not just about glitz; it’s a trading hub. Sieghart’s Outfitters and Mining League are among the top vendors here.
  • Akila City: In the Cheyenne system, Akila City is a go-to for weapon traders, with Laredo Firearms and Rowland Arms offering great deals.
  • Cydonia: On Mars, Cydonia might be smaller, but it’s rich in trading opportunities. The Broken Spear and The Trade Authority are must-visit vendors.

Trading Tips for Maximum Profit To ensure you’re getting the best deals:

  • Master the Sell Menu: Familiarize yourself with the sell menu (LB on console, Q on keyboard) for efficient transactions.
  • Invest in Commerce Skill: Boosting this skill can significantly increase the prices vendors offer for your items.
  • Timing is Everything: Holding onto certain items until you reach specific vendors can yield higher profits.

Strategic Selling for Progression:

Selling in Starfield isn’t just about earning credits; it’s about strategic inventory management. Balancing your sales for immediate gain versus long-term utility is crucial, especially for rare items that might be more valuable for crafting or quests.

Common Selling Mistakes to Avoid

  • Premature Sales: Avoid selling unique items too early; they might be part of future quests.
  • Inventory Management: Overloading your inventory can hinder exploration. Sell items regularly to maintain a balanced inventory.

Conclusion: Trading in Starfield is an art that blends strategy with knowledge. By understanding the best places to sell and how to maximize your profits, you can ensure a prosperous journey across the stars. Remember, each trade is an opportunity to delve deeper into Starfield’s complex economy.



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