Digital Marketing Services that gives measurable results!

We offer digital marketing services that enables you to create long term strategies to drive qualified leads. Devise and deploy a concrete strategy to ensure holistic online marketing management. Our digital marketing services include search engine optimization, social media engagement, brochure design and online surveys.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO internet marketing services don’t end with ranking you higher on internet search engines. We offer a holistic, tailored and measurable SEO strategy for our clients, since every business has different needs.

We promise to deliver
  • Higher rank in Google search results
  • Increase website traffic
  • Optimally monetize the website traffic


Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing will help in creating a strong online presence in addition to a thoroughly planned branding strategy.

Our SMM campaigns
  • Align SMM with your product branding
  • Find and connect with the audience
  • CTA-driven content to generate enquiries

Small and Medium business online marketing might seem like just posting content on social media platforms, but not at Logiciel Softtech Our gap analysis, planning, execution and continuous track of various activities through intelligent analytics, helps us to deliver the best-in-class solution and make a real difference to our clients’ sales goals.

Online Surveys

A survey should consist of strategically designed data collection technique. With hundreds of surveys popping up on the display screens, it has become difficult to grab the attention of the audience. We ensure our surveys are well structured and interactive that attract the respondents.

We ensure our surveys
  • Have the right content and are engaging and attractive to the respondents
  • Deliver clarity and deeper insights on relevant points

We provide end-to-end online survey services. We combine the power of data, technology and human intelligence to create perfect surveys that enable you to make critical business decisions.

E-Brochure Design

We enable you to promote products/services in the most creative, effective and professional ways. Our creative brochure design can generate qualified enquiries and leads for your business.

Our brochures are
  • Informative and creative to engage your prospects
  • Engage the reader/target audience
  • Generates enquiries that have high potential of conversion

We understand your industry and product in-depth, to create an effective brochure content.

Animated Videos

With the reducing attention span of the viewers, engaging videos are something which people prefer. We at Logiciel Softtech, create professional and engaging animated videos

Our animated videos are
  • Visually appealing to the audience
  • Captures viewers attention from start to end
  • Reinforces key message or points

We completely understand that animated videos need to have the right balance between information and engagement. Our animators are well-versed with various business verticals/domains to create videos that deliver the story exactly the way our clients want and engage the audience.

Logiciel Softtech offers internet marketing services to small and medium businesses that serves the purpose of building online presence, driving the sales and promotes business growth.