Business and IT Consulting services

Tech-Refresh Partners!

We provide consulting services to organizations for developing or re-defining IT & Technology strategies. Our pool of consultants enables organizations to achieve seamless operations needed for optimal business productivity. Our objective is crystal-clear – “Help our clients achieve their business goals by aligning technology to pressing IT needs”.

For us, technology is not just infrastructure or operational mechanism, it is the core value we add to the system, in order to make a difference and optimize the overall business operations. Our deep knowledge of technology blended with industry expertise; helps design a holistic, yet unique IT environment for our clients.

Our Business and IT Consulting Services

IT Assessment

We analyze existing IT systems and brainstorm to find gaps and optimal solution to achieve the best solution through IT operations. It includes critically reviewing the data, servers, systems, devices, documentation and processes. We thoroughly review all the granular aspects to provide recommendations and devise an implementation plan.

IT Planning & Strategy

We have expertise in technology and experience with small, medium and enterprise businesses. We provide a tailored plan for the business to run day-to-day business operations smoothly and efficiently.

Business Continuity Plan

We prepare our clients for any sort of unprecedented situation, so that business operations are not hampered. From data backups to data recovery, we define to set procedures / standard protocols to mitigate all calculated risks that could possibly hamper routine IT operations.

Governance & Compliance

All IT operational processes must be governed, monitored and compliant for optimal efficiency and productivity. We consult to ensure that IT environment is efficient and secure to drive business productivity.

Why Choose Us?

Our pool of experts and consultants have experience in consulting for start-ups.

We offer technology consulting services and our primary/core focus areas include : Cloud Strategy, IT Budget Planning, Risk Mitigation & Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, IT assessment, Strategic Planning and Communication Services.